FS19 - Ricciville Map V1.3

Farming Simulator 19 Mods

The map contains the following: 2 trains; 1 barge; 59 fields; 2 BGA; 3 forests; 16 user points of sale; 21 trigger fill water; 133 farmland for purchase; labor movement and pedestrians
Standard fruits plus sorghum, millet, rice, hemp, coffee, cranberries, hops, carrots, onions, poppy seeds, mustard, peanuts, rye and clover. Mining products containing several hundred million liters of each of the following materials: coal, salt, gravel, ore and sand.

Transport missions.

Adaptation to the seasons The 
barge was slowed down a bit The 
lack of texture of the AI ​​movement was fixed 
I had to remove silt and stone so that the seasons worked with the map 
Now you can buy TMR and Pig Food from the dealer 
Now you can buy the following in Lowes: seeds, solid fertilizers, lime, liquid manure and solid manure ** some surprises if you play with the seasons 
Adding a product to the home farm bunker to get started: wheat, oats, seeds, solid fertilizers, lime, salt, grass, straw and rice

Miller inc.
Papa Smurf

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