FS19 - Real Wood Harvester V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 Mods

This mod expands function of all wood harvester in the game.
- Two new keys for manually processing (delimbing) tree forward / backward
- New key for changing cut length down
- Current length of remaining tree to be cut is displayed in F1 menu
- No automatically cut in auto delimb mode (you need to press cut key again)
- You can open settings menu with some options:
Generate woodchips (small amount of woodchips is dropped on ground when delimbing or cutting [Off, 1 - 5])
Delimb accuracy (Number of branches to be removed [70 - 100%])
Minimum / maximum cut length and cut length step for current vehicle
Show / hide mod action in F1 menu
- All controls can be set in your controls settings

Default controls:
KEY_lshift KEY_r - open settings menu
KEY_semicolon (; - next to 'L') - delimb tree forward
KEY_slash (/ - under 'semicolon')- delimb tree backward
KEY_u - change cut length down


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