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Welcome to Ravensberg. The map is fictitious, but similarities in names with real towns are intentional. A Middle German landscape with great attention to detail awaits you in the look of a model railway and invites you to discover and linger.
Again there is paintable soil with plants and bushes. The map is Seasons- and Maize Plus Ready and supports Maize Plus Forage and Horse Extension (PC/MAC version only).

Attention: For the full range of the update changes in V1.1.0.0 (have a look at the changelog) you need a new savegame. To play with the productions of VSR Modding Sur on consoles, choose “Ravensberg Productions” during map selection Seasons is not compatible with the productions).

– two pre-built farms (completely saleable, also borders and fences)
– four towns/villages
– 44 fields (size: 1 – 8ha), 7 meadows, 18 woodland sections
– 6 areas for placeable objects in different sizes
– one cowshed installed at each farm
– one horse farm installed
– three railway silos
– railway station for wood
– one BGP pre-placed
– 8 points of sales for crops, 2 for wool, wood and bales and 1 for woodchips
– dynamic AI traffic with a top speed of 45 km/h, slows down at intersections
– support of “Manure System” at the BGA and the cowsheds
– adapted transport missions with new pallets
– Field Grass used as an additional fruit
– new grass texture (with flowers)
– Holmer T4-40 and Ropa Panther 2 converted for potato harvest (to be found under potato harvesting)
– Seasons-Ready
– Precision Farming support
– 100% Maize Plus ready incl. Forage and Horse Extension (only PC/MAC; Maize Plus Mods are optional)
– support of Mod “HoT Animated Object Extend” (only PC/MAC)
– support of production mods from VSR Modding Sur (erShaba und Vanquish081; only Consoles)

Script extensions (PC/MAC only):
– fruit destruction 2.0
– multi-terrain angle (32 angles)
– display of texture names in the landscaping tool
– increased maximum amount of tipping heaps to 127

My thanks go to the modders whose objects, sounds and scripts I was allowed to use. A list of credits is located in the modDesc.xml in the ‘contributors’ section.

– added 100% Maize Plus, Forage und Horse Extension support (only PC/MAC)
– increased heighType limit to 127 (only PC/MAC
– raised capacity of cow husbandry to 200 cows
– fixed clip distance of hot air balloons
– snow traffic signs are hidden without seasons
– reduced volume of ship engine and horn
– added possibility to plant trees
– added field grass as chicken food
– fixed snow mission (Seasons)
– fixed lighting in the machinery hall
– all buildings at the farms are now placeable
– new farmhose replaces the one from Giants (placed at the correct position in a new savegame only)
– moved small containers at the train silos
– removed collision from the contact wires at the railway line
– removed collision of some telephone poles (for the helper)
– added trigger markers to the liquid storage
– adapted location names of tranport missions
– fixed trigger of manure and liquid manure dealer in Ravensberg
– added support for productions of VSR Modding Sur (only on consoles and with new savegame)
– removed collision of silo unloading pipe at the buying stations
– fixed wrong position of the workshop triggers
– transport cost of chicken lowered
– bgp now accepts straw, sugarbeets and potatos
– changed driving direction of the train (in connection with signalling installation)
– fixed wood sell trigger in Isinghagen
– added missing water reflections of some objects
– some minor changes on the terrain (only with new savegame)
– fixed LOD-error of the autumn deco foliage in combination with seasons
– collision problem of the mission pallets fixed
– adapted tension belt mesh of the mission pallets
– removed barriers in the woods
– added capacity coniguration for Holmer T4-40 and Ropa Tiger 6
– bunker silo fixed (only with new savegame)
– changed train configuration (before the update, empty the train waggons)
– reduced slot count on consoles
– fixed vissible snow roofs in Isinghagen
– decoration vehicles at the vehicle dealer can now be bought and sold (for consoles to reduce slots)
– BPG is placeable and can now be bought and sold (for consoles to reduce slots)
– both railway cranes can now be bought and sold (for consoles to reduce slots)
– removed some misplaced crops (only with new savegame)
– fixed floating and incorrectly placed objects
– corrected incorrectly placed or faulty town and traffic signs
– fixed dealer name of Railway Silo West
– recreated collision mesh of map boundary
– snow mask “patched” (e.g. at the hall of the BGA)
– removed asphalted road at the farm in Langenheide
– added dealer at the supermarket in Ravensberg (only with new savegame)
– sugarmill now also buys crop
– herbicide and fertilizer barrels exchanged at Grain Dealer Osninghausen
– fixed wrong name of cow feed trigger at LGH Langenheide
– removed hidden trees at the southern farm and the meadow beneath the castle


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