FS19 - Przemasowo Map V1.1.1.1

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Version Changelog:
- Some stones have been modified or removed between fields.
- New collisions generated for the map
- Prices in points of the railway station were lowered (equalization of prices with respect to other)
- Lime point performance has been increased
- New textures have been added to paint the terrain
- Rail crossings have been improved
- Trigger added at the train station for other vehicles (many players did not know that you have to sell by train here)
- Increased milk price in port

Welcome to the map of Przemasowo
The map consists of 41 areas, 32 arable fields and 2 forest fields. You can sell crops in 3 stationary purchases and train buying. The train is an important element of the map because it is integrated into the farm.

Advantages of the map:
- A large area with obstacles to horseback riding.
- Sawmill for trains.
- Loading ramps for the train on the farm and at the store.
- 32 fields varied in size and shape + 2 forest areas.
- Train path integrated into the farm.
- Field No. 12 prepared for the development of the farm.
- Additional flat, fenced area for purchase, prepared for additional buildings and mods.
- Good optimization
- A well-thought out arrangement of roads, tracks and utility buildings to make the game more enjoyable.
- Many beautiful landscapes and interesting places to explore.
- Road traffic.

- Added support for "SEASONS" modifications
- Traffic blockade at railroad crossing has been removed
- "mipmaps" have been added to the minimap
- Increased throughput and capacity of farm silos.
- BGA bandwidth increased
- The distance at which railroad crossings close is reduced.
- Farm lamp removed

- New minimap
- Changed traffic route
- Large vehicles have been removed from traffic, often blocking intersections
- Cultivating on field No. 12 was fixed - The employee did not want to work in easy mode
- A dirt road near the farm was added
- The crane for loading wood was removed (it was not in multiplayer mode, it caused a lot of errors)
- From now on, the wood from the train is sold directly from the wagon in the sawmill. The sale must be confirmed in the yellow tag

- Blocked driveway was fixed - Central Grain Elevator
- The serious problem of placing objects on the map has been removed.
- Added some new elements on the big lake (you need to make a new save to see the changes).
- Several road signs have been fixed.
- New barrage at the railway station (protection for unfair players).


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