FS19 - Przemas Outback Map V1.1

Farming Simulator 19 Mods

- Fixed machine position after purchase in the store
- The rail barrier next to the farm has been changed to correctly block traffic
- Two types of grass for painting have been added
- Many new textures have been added for painting
- Correction of train path location
- BGA water bug removed (river water level lowered)
- USA flags removed (I do not impose terrain origin)
- Field 27 price has been improved
- Fixed sale in "Barn"
- The irrigation system animation is now activated with the button
- Wind turbine collision reduced (remember that you can remove it - approach to her)
- Slope removed on field 31 (NEW SAVE)
- Invisible plants visible on the minimap have been removed (NEW SAVE)

Welcome to the Przemas Outback map.
If you like Outback atmosphere, this map is perfect for you. Advantages of the map:
- Two separate farms (multiplayer option) can be combined into one big farm.
- Two separate train lines for each farm.
- The map is ideal for growing cotton and creating huge amounts of silage.
- 3.5 x larger BGA than standard, integrated with the farm.
- Diverse fields from 1 to 20 hectares.
- Each field is near the train path - allowing direct loading.
- 3 forests - small, medium and large.
- Animated irrigation systems (visual effect), increased train and trafic road speed.


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