FS19 - Porto Barrinha Farm Map V1.0

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Porto Barrinha Farm, Map Based on the region between Barrinha SP and Jaboticabal SP
Contains Culture Varieties, Extras In Detail So Exactly Simulating The Region For A Real Gaming Experience

- Map has 3 prepared locations, one main and 2 medium locations, one of them starting with the player with a field.
- Map in addition to the original crops, has extra crops such as: black beans, brachiaria, millet, rye, sorghum and rice.
- Account with 1 grain sale, Interfloat cooperative.
- Contains a sugarcane mill.
- Sale of bales, wool, cotton, milk, eggs and silage at the fair.
- A logging company for the sale of logs
- Bga can be created from the player's taste.
- You can fill the water tanks in the water tank in one of the 3 locations.
- Headquarters has a workshop for repairing machines.
- Double lane highway to reach the plant and the sale, there will also be an SP station on the highway

Credits:Bruno Covas, Zéh Henrique, Agro Farm BR

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