FS19 - Placeable Metal Gates And Fences V2.1

Farming Simulator 19 Mods

This set contains 5 placeable gates with function and a metal fence with sections of different length.

-added two corner fences
-added 2.5m fence with end pole
-added three more sliding and swing gates with 5m in length
-new gate rail für sliding gate
-new sound for sliding gate
-created new store icons
-placeability further improved
-added support for Mod "HoT Animated Object Extend"

Swing gates:
-Price: 1000€ / 1500€ €
-Upkeep: 10€ / day
-Size: 5m / 10m

Sliding gates:
-Price: 1000€ / 1500€
-Upkeep: 10€ / day
-Size: 5m / 10m

Fence 2.5m / End:
-Price: 250€ / 350€ €
-Upkeep: 5€ / day
-Size: 2.5m

Fence 5m:
-Price: 500 €
-Upkeep: 5€ / day
-Size: 5m

Fence 10m:
-Price: 1000 €
-Upkeep: 5€ / day
-Size: 10m

Fence Corner (left/right):
-Price: 500€
-Upkeep: 5€/Tag
-Size 2.5m x 2.5m

Fence Pole:
-Price: 100 €
-Upkeep: 5€ / day
-Size: 10m

-added metal fences
-added missing shadows of some objects
-collision performance optimization
-made placing of the gates easier
-changed upkeep costs
-adepted modname


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