FS19 - NMC Fuel Tank V2.0

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This diesel tank has a capacity of 970 liters. The fuel tank is built to be used in the forest and handled my forestry machines.

How to use it:
Transport the fuel tank to a fuel station, enter the the fuel tank and refill it. Or if you want you can attach it to a 5th wheel (semi) attacher and refill it that way.

Price: 3500€
Fillvolume: 970

Version 2.0:
Brand new model
New textures
Rewritten XML
New i3d
Changed price
Changed weight
New decals
New configurations
Added configuration for a rubber beam (this is mainly for wood harvesters)
Set desc Version to 51
Changed brand to NMC
You can now enter the tank to fill it
Added possibility to holding it with tension belts


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