FS19 - Mobile Bridges V1.0.0.2

Farming Simulator 19 Mods

-for Frontloader
Price: 8500€

-for Wheelloader
Price: 16800€

These mobile bridges are custom bridges, one with a FZ30 or FZ60 front loader
and one that can be moved and placed with a wheel loader.
For example, to cross a ditch.

Attention: Drive on the mobile bridge carefully!

MBridge Trailer Custom
The Mbridge Custom trailer is specially designed for the mobile bridge for the wheel loader.
It has a weight of approx. 14 tons and eight axles, 6 axles steered.
The rim color can be changed and tension belts are available.
You should drive carefully with the trailer.

-find under Tools/CustomParts Vehicle Tools

price: 32500 €

Custom MBridgeTank (bridge layer for mobile bridge wheel loader)
A custom bridge layer. You can use it to transport the mobile bridge for wheel loaders
and embarrassed. With the X button you can extend the stabilizer supports when the vehicle is selected.

-find under Tools/CustomParts Vehicle Tools
-Tensioning straps are available
-Custom engine sounds
-Tank capacity 1200 liters of diesel
-PS 1880
-Maximum speed 30 km / h

Price: 469000 €

Version 1.0:
-Tension belt support added
Thanks to Dor_Schmied for the nice tutorial

-Mobile bridge for wheel loaders added

-Mbridge trailer custom added
-Custom MBridgeTank added


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