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This pallet can be used to transport milk from cow pastures or water for animal pastures. The pallet can load or unload milk or water only when it is attached to the pallet fork (except the double width ones) of CSZ Equipment Pack or attached (without using a fork for pallets) to any of these vehicles: compact loader, front loader, telescopic and wheel loader. It is also possible to transport the pallet, like the game's default pallets, but it is not possible to change the milk or water loaded. Attach and place the pallet in the loading or unloading area and the containers will be loaded or unloaded with milk or water according to the availability of the area.

Price: 600 €
Capacity: 720 liters (6 standard container of 120 liters)
Shop Category: Object - Pallets

Credits:DD ModPassion

Today Downloads: 1

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