FS19 - Lindner Lintrac Supercup V1.1

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For more than 20 years, the best tractor drivers in the Alpine region have competed in the Lintrac Supercup.

Changelog 1.1:
- added multiplayer support

Now, for the first time, Lindner offers the opportunity to master the course virtually: with the new Lintrac Supercup Virtual. Witch seesaw, chicane or inclined travel: The highlights of the Lintrac Supercup can now also be mastered virtually. Lindner has launched the new Lintrac Supercup Virtual for this purpose. A Lintrac 90 is used.

The Supercup can be found as a placeable object in the Miscellaneous category in the in-game shop.

Stations to complete:
- drive over incline travel
- attach the mower in the front
- attach the trailer in the back
- lower and lift the mower in the opposite zone
- detach the trailer in it´s parking zone
- detach the mower in it´s parking zone
- stay level for 5s on the seesaw
- drive through the gate

Each fallen tennis ball costs you 5s penalty.

Credits:Creative Mesh

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