FS19 - Lindner Lintrac Supercup V1.0

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For more than 20 years, the best tractor drivers in the Alpine region have competed in the Lintrac Supercup. Now, for the first time, Lindner offers the opportunity to master the course virtually: with the new Lintrac Supercup Virtual. Witch seesaw, chicane or inclined travel: The highlights of the Lintrac Supercup can now also be mastered virtually. Lindner has launched the new Lintrac Supercup Virtual for this purpose. A Lintrac 90 is used.

The Supercup can be found as a placeable object in the Miscellaneous category in the in-game shop.

Stations to complete:
– drive over incline travel
– attach the mower in the front
– attach the trailer in the back
– lower and lift the mower in the opposite zone
– detach the trailer in it´s parking zone
– detach the mower in it´s parking zone
– stay level for 5s on the seesaw
– drive through the gate

Each fallen tennis ball costs you 5s penalty.

Credits:Creative Mesh

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