FS19 - John Deere 4400 Combine Pack V1.0

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John Deere 4400 Combine:
Power: 100 hp
Cost: 45,000$
Capacity: 6540 Liters

Standard, A/C, Visor, Visor with A/C
Gas with short exhaust, Gas with tall exhaust,
Diesel with short exhaust, Diesel with Tall exhaust

John Deere 443 Corn Header:
Working Width: 3.0m
Price: 4,500$

Low Tin sides, High Tin sides

John Deere 213 Grain Header:
Working Width: 4.35m
Price: 3,000$

The John Deere 4400 was part of the New Generation series of combines that replaced the 45, 55, 95 and 105 series of self-propelled combines.
The 4400 was the second smallest in the series of four new combines (3300, 4400, 6600 and 7700). The 4400 was produced from 1970 through 1979,
being replaced by the 4420 in the Turbo Series. The 4400 mod is an early year production version and features a flat screen engine fan design instead
of a drum that sticks out the side on the later models.

Credits:Tired Iron Modding

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