FS19 - Italian Rice - Riso Map V3.0

Farming Simulator 19 Mods

Version 2.0 Fix:
Added credits (see above)
graphic fields background moved + reduction of lod distance
removed guardrail inside poplar area(field 48)
Renault van moved from shelter wall
debris collision removed
removed some trees
fix main farm shelter sliding door
brick column texture for animal farm barn
PDA with trasparency borders
general fixing of stable triggers
fixed rice straw bales and textures
redesigned chicken area

Version 3.0 Fix:
missing water in different fields
fixed crops yeld

Open the “.zip” than copy files into Farming Simulator 19 “MODS” folder (default root X:\user\Documents\Farming Simulator 2019\mods).

-This map is a base version to help us finding bugs we didn’t find during tests.
-Compatibility with FACTORY based mods has not proved yet.

Credits:TDA Team

Today Downloads: 1

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