FS19 - Irgendwo in Thuringen II Map V3.0

Farming Simulator 19 Mods

Kastor, LS19, D-S-Agrarservice, new card and no end in sight?

You know your way around on the “Somewhere in Thuringia” for the LS17, you are familiar with every corner and every field, you think nothing more will come. Then hold on to your hats and strap your boots to your feet.

Reloaded, warmed up, expanded … we can’t get into the bag. Brand new, real replica and with great attention to detail, the D-S-AS presents you the … blah blah we already had … now, exclusive, even newer, much better …
We spared neither expense nor effort, neither sleepless nights nor annoying family members, nor used up more beer and fast food to give you exclusive, the much loved and often played Thuringia 2, in an even better and flawless version.
The elevation model, the fields, forests and roads are created using the available Google Earth data for the region, adapted again in the update and in addition to the existing ones

121 buyable plots (for the old rich and those who want to become one)
60 fields of all shapes and sizes (for young and old and for all those who like to work)
40 forests (for all woodworms, tree cuddlers, chainsaws and pissers)
16 meadows (not only for vegetarians and flower children, also for green lovers)
5 sales outlets (to which wealth grows and the vehicle fleet increases)
3 lakes for water extraction (water mermaids have been sighted, but are bitchy)
1 purchase point for fertilizer, seeds and lime (more yield, more money)

The whole thing is garnished by 3 small villages and an AI traffic that does not stop you, but also does not tolerate strolling! We all don’t have time.


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