FS19 - HTZ T-150k V0.2

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The power of the HTZ T-150K tractor is 165 l / s, this is if you play in Farming Simulator 2019. At the same time, the maximum speed is 30 km / h.

Physics is normal;
Pollution function;
Balancing frame;
Original engine sound;
The price for a tractor is 14350 rubles;
Mirrors and lighting equipment are functioning;
The set includes a SimpleIC mod to open doors and lower windows (also a light switch).

The model has animations: fans, pulleys, instrument arrows, gearshift lever, pedals, steering wheel, hydraulic cylinders.

The choice of parts in the store: design, wheels, hinge, muffler, hood grille, brake lights, road train sign, interior and exterior tuning, additional headlights.


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