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CHMELAŘSTVÍ družstvo Žatec, Mechanization plant is a complex of machine shops with many years of production and assembly
tradition. The production program is focused primarily on machinery and agriculture
mechanization, including the design and development of technologies for hop growers.
The ripper is designed to catch, cut and pull down the hop vine, which then falls on the hop semi-trailer.
Used in combination with a self-emptying semi-trailer for the collection of hop vines with movable hydraulically
adjustable side panels. The semi-trailer is designed for the removal of hop vines from tall hop gardens to the combing machine.
It is equipped with a hydraulically rotated axle, independently tilting sides and a floor conveyor with a hydraulic drive.
The aggregation means of the set is a tractor with an output of at least 46 kW.

Price 35.400 €
Fits Zetor Forterra

MV1 073
Price 18.860 €
Capacity 26.000
Color configuration

Zetor Forterra HD
Price: 93.000 €
Max. speed 40 km/h

front loader,
engine 130, 140, 150,
wheel color configuration;
color configuration,
involvement of hop technology
Simple IC


This mod is necessary for the harvest of hops on the map of the farm JZD VidhosticeMapCZ.

Credits:JZD Vidhostice

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