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Most will know, but the Hopfach is a replica that is as accurate as possible, including the elevation model of the area around Hopfach.
In LS17 the Hopfach was created by Lunchbox, so the praise for the building and design goes to him.
Lunchbox then ceded Hopfach as a project and I then converted it to LS19. So once again a big thank you to Lunchbox for the release.

What can you expect at Hopfach:
255 buyable parcels
220 fields from 0.2 to 18.6 ha
14 other fruits
Over 100 GC productions including stables
All productions are permanently installed
Over 20 yards
Seasons ready

What mods do you need to play the map:
GlobalCompany: ls-modcompany modhub
Everything else is integrated in the card.

Helpful hints:
Friesenjung Transport Pack: Hopfach Transport Pack
Farm overview PDF by etebteb: Farm overview PDF
Production PDF by etebteb: Production overview PDF
Cattle dealer PDF by etebteb: Cattle dealer PDF
Autodrive main road network by ralfrhoen: Autodrive
Autodrive main road network by Der Mali: Autodrive
Latest version:

Important informations:
1. Since the Hopfach is not exactly small, at least 8GB Ram are recommended.
2. In multiplayer, the server has to be restarted after buying the yard silos so that you can then use the yard silos.
3. The minimum patch is 1.6.0.
4. Savegames from older versions are not supported.
5. Placeable stables are not supported.
6. With mutual wages, production materials can also be used by both users.
7. Minimum GC version is

Credits:Lunchbox, KevinK98, GTX, FarmerAndy, Blacksheep, Blacky_BPG, Marhu, igor29381, Xentro, Ifko[nator], Slowtide63, Kastor, Kobold Koby, BaTt3RiE, Susi, Eribus, GMCW

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