FS19 - Hohenbrunzow Map V5.0

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Welcome to Hohenbrünzow a small town in the Mecklenburg Lake District.

Version 5.0 Changelog:
- Fixed small bugs
- completely new start yard with cow stalls
- Villages and points of sale completely revised
- Liquid fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and lime can now be bought on the card .. no longer mandatory at dealers ..
- Start vehicles were now to my taste ... ** keep or sell you must know **

The card is based on the LS 19 with standard functions.
- 13 fields from medium to large
- 3 meadows
- 3 points of sale
- more ground angles
- Season Ready

The map can also be uploaded to other sites. But please use the original download link.
Well then I wish you a lot of fun.

- In order to keep the original appearance of the map, all farm buildings and animal stalls remain in all game modes, only the lands then have to be bought again in order to be able to use them.

"Selling the building is possible"


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