FS19 - Haut DE France Map V3.0

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Version 3.0:
On this one you will find a lot of things to do
You also have the TP with these factories which produce different materials!
64 factories are at your disposal, 16 new crops in addition to the origins.
New animals: goat, ram, calves, ducks, breeding pig as well as piglets (little pig)
5 careers for TP
1 main farm with all factories connected to this one !! 2 other farm buildings where you can do what you want !!
Why is the main farm connected to all the factories my concept !! because believe me if everyone has their farm you will not be able to
take full advantage of the maps and more pleasant to go together on the same farm otherwise we come back from the game solo !!!!!!
You also have 27 points of sale… What to do to make the most of it !!!
Once the maps have been downloaded it will be necessary to zip it up and you will have 7 zip files to put in your mods !!!
Multi compatible
No seasons mods

Here maps fs19 “Haut de France version2“
You have a RAR file that will need to be zipped and which includes the top maps of France,
the top pack of France and 4 files (washers and for placeable buildings) and you put everything in your mods folder.
You will only find it on 2 download sites kingmods and ModHub so if it were to leak I would not make any update and no version3.
On this map, you have 3 farms and a manufacturing and production plant….
All the buildings are placeables you can either keep them or sell them except the 2 other farm buildings which remain !!!!!!!!!
before sending some comments you have to buy the land for production
No square or rectangular field they are all quirky and hilly it is multi fruit and compatible with seasons … multiplayer … and added mud.
Average maps but very playable in multi and it is part of a place in my region.


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