FS19 - Grabmeier Muldenkipper V2.8

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Version 2.8
– Texture adjusted
– Revised wear and tear
– ModDesc version increased to 53

Today I am making my Grabmeier dump truck for the LS19 available for download.
The trailer was completely brought into the LS19 by me.
It is equipped with many innovations from the LS19, such as lights and a texture system. There are also some texture improvements.

The Grabmeier dump truck has the following properties:
• Purchase price: 35500 €
• Loading volume: 38,000 l
• Fruit types: all types of fruit and whatever else can be transported
• Chassis color selection: red, black
• Tire configuration: Trelleborg, Michelin
• 2 tipping variants: tailgate, grain slide
• Animated chopping flap

Credits:Modell: MinipixelTextur: MinipixelScript: GiantsIdee / Konzept: MinipixelTester: Minipixel, Mofajoe, Tobi96

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