FS19 - Fendt Vario 700 Tractor V1.0.1.0

Farming Simulator 19 Mods

Price: 183.000€
Power: 188hp

Power or Profi variant
Tire configuration

RuL changeable engine configuration:
Fendt Vario 714 Profi
Fendt Vario 714 Power
Fendt Vario 716 Profi
Fendt Vario 716 Power
Fendt Vario 718 Profi
Fendt Vario 718 Power
Fendt Vario 720 Profi
Fendt Vario 720 Power
Fendt Vario 722 Profi
Fendt Vario 722 Power
Fendt Vario 724 Profi
Fendt Vario 724 Power

Open the door with the N key and close it with the J key
Open rear window with key M and close with key K.
Open the roof hatch with the Shift + N button and close the Shift + J button
It can also control all movements with the mouse or the gamepad

Version Changelog:
Desc Version elevatedt
New Grids
Enter animation on the steering base
Cuff animated.

Credits:JOL Agri Moding

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