FS19 - Fendt Farmer 310-312 LSA Turbomatik V1.6

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Version 1.6:
Warning sign added
More Simple IC options installed
Tire pressure script installed
More configurations
New top link
Fixed lights bug

Thank you for 10,000 downloads! Version 1.6 will probably remain the last version for the time being. (Exceptions for bugs or spontaneous ideas that still need to be installed) Och want to thank you for your support, for the quick error messages and of course the numerous mod presentations. If you think of something that still needs to be in the tug or you have another tug that I should modify, please let me know. Finally, I want to thank you for the help with modifying CSS moding.
Thanks for the support Basti
The rim color can be changed.
The tractor has many work lights installed
There are configuration options on the engine (310 hp: 115 maximum speed 43/311 hp: 120 speed 47/312 hp: 130 speed 53)
There are configuration options for the all-round lights (no RL / left RL / right RL / left and right RL)
There are configuration options for the warning signs (they can be dismantled)
There are many Simple IC functions, e.g. you can start the engine, switch the lights on and off, turn signals, switch on attachments, lower attachments, fold in all-round lights and warning plates, remove fenders.
You can attach a front loader to the tractor (you can Wegeln among three different front loaders. Stoll, Hauer, Alö)
The tractor has a front hydraulic system and a front PTO shaft (you can dismantle this or install a weight more firmly)
The sound comes from the original

Dynamic hoses
The following scripts are installed: AddConfig, AnalogClock, ExtendedAnimationSounds, ExtendedExhaust, TirePressure.
Simple ic sound installed
Decorations installed
The mod is multiplayer ready
Log is error-free

Credits:Modell:CSS, Rival, Basti Textur: BB Modding, bau_justin_99 Script: Idee / Konzept: Tester: Sonstige: Modder: Basti, CSS Original Mod:CSS, Rival Mod Vorstellungen:Simo Game, Hämmer Gaming, Cornhub

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