FS19 - Fendt 700/800 TMS with TirePressure and Com 2 V4.2

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Version 4.2 Changelog:
- The Com 2 is now based on the real model, with the option of choosing between the old and new front hydraulics
- Large Hauer console for the XB 150

I hereby offer you my conversion of the 700/800 Vario from Cayman718.
In order for the latest version to work, there must be no tow bars on the score!

Mods required for the full scope:
Universal passenger
Aloe front loader
Hauer front loader
Guidance Steering
Claas DLC for TM1060 tires

-Motor configurations:
-Fendt 700: 711,712,714,716 Favorit, 712,714, 716 & amp; 718 Vario
-Fendt 800 Com 2: 815, 817, 818 Vario (not 100% realistic, possibly in future versions.)
-Fendt 800: 818, 820 Vario
-all standard LS19 functions
-animated and illuminated interior
-GPS configurable (Guidance Steering Mod required)
-Doors and windows can be opened with SimpleIC
Rotating beacon and warning signs can be configured and can be folded from the outside with SimpleIC
-Front fender removable from the outside with SimpleIC
-Ctrl + F can be used to switch between normal light and top headlights
-Motor and headlights can be switched on / off with SimpleIC
-Operation of the hydraulics and PTO from inside and outside possible with SimpleIC (latest SimpleIC version required !!!)
-Tire pressure script from Wopster is installed, but it works with every tire configuration because I don't know how to do it on certain configurations.
-Front loader consoles: Stoll, Fendt 3S (The Fl is WIP from Cayman), Fendt Cargo (incl. Front loader from DtpMario), Aloe, Puma
-Universal Passenger installed by Jannik

This tractor must NOT be uploaded to other sites because it is a conversion and the original model comes from Cayman and XX_Malle_XX.
The front loader also only has one approval for me, upon request to DtpMario.

Credits:XX_Malle_XX - Ls17 Modell
Cayman718 - Konvertierung LS19 sowie Stoll, Fendt3S Konsole
Wopster - TirePressure Script
DtpMario - Fendt Cargo Konsole plus Frontlader
GtX - Universal Passenger Script
Puma - Aloe Konsole
konstii.ls - Hauer Konsole
WhyLineZ - Umbau
Janik- Hilfe beim Umbau
siLance - Sound
Gamer8250 - Reifendruckregelanlage

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