FS19 - Felsbrunn Map V1

Farming Simulator 19 Mods

– More floor angles
– New floor textures
– Purchase of manure and slurry
– New fruit textures
– fertilizable pastures with field missions
– and much more
Back to the roots. The Fesbrunn card with the potential it had from the beginning.

Welcome back to the Felsbrunn Map.
I tried to make the card the way Giants unfortunately didn’t make it.
You can expect a beautiful landscape with some things to discover. Multiterrain Angle is built in like many new textures as far as the field and the fruit types are concerned.
After a long search you have finally found a farm that you can take over. Even a few devices are waiting for you there. All you have to do is contact your bank and buy the property, then you can start right away. A cow pasture for your animals in summer is also not far from your farm and is worth buying.
I wish you a lot of fun on the map.


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