FS19 - Bizon Gigant Z063/Z083 Harvester V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 Mods

Bizon has:
-Color of the combine
-Pipe color
-Color of the chopper
-Roof Color
-Cab color
-Rim color
-Header color
-Color Motowideł
-Bow Color
-Wheels (Gigant [standard / Twins], Trelleborg [Z056, Standard], Michelin [Standard, Narrow])
-Down covers
-side flaps
-Line on the side (BIZON, Hydrostatic, BS)
-decorated bubbles
-decorative stripes
-rubber mat in the cabin
-Cabin (Roof, old cabin, new cabin)
-Rear ladder
-Side ladder
-Model (Z083, Z063 [Z063 has a bigger tank and a few differences in appearance])
-Rear (cover, tarpaulin, chopper 1, chopper 2)
-Marked sticker
-Warning stickers
-Engine power (SW 680 Turbo and Tuning)
-Tank and engine hoods
-Radiator cover
-Decorative straw
-Header cover

Many SimpleIC elements
Built-in support for Universal Passenger

It consists of:
The Giant Bison
Header 5m
Header 6m

The log is clean (unless: p), but the combine has a bug. It disappears from the Shop and Workshop configuration menu after purchase. You can still buy or edit it, but you won’t be able to see the changes on the fly. If anyone would like to help with this, I would be grateful.


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