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Hello Community
Here is my new map BigFarming 2021 (Seasons- Ready)
It is a 4-fold map, which brings many possibilities with it.
Naturally, the map was tested and works without errors and log entries.
At once in advance. Look at the pictures, then you do not have to ask so much.

Here are a few brief key data about the map.
- 4 ways how to start a new game
- Seasons GEO is integrated (RM-Seasons must be in the mod folder for this)
- except for the outlets and villages you have to buy everything else(different depending on the launch)
- 13 different outlets
- 15 different productions
- 3 gas stations
- 70 different fields from small to large (also meadows)
- 72 buyable forest pieces which are sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller
- with Seasons also the map changes (not only trees, but also roofs, snow poles, ice etc....) at spring, summer, autumn and winter

At the garden center can be purchased right "fertilizer, seeds and lime".
On the left at the garden center "Liquid Fertilizer and Herbicide"
At the Raiffeisen you can buy right "Hops", for the beer production.
What, where in which silo fits, place digital ads or simply ausbrobieren.
Write in the comments if you should find errors, or objects that still float above the ground.
Little tip.... Make only one map in the ModOrdner, then you can save the comments that the map has log errors, because the map has NONE!
Now I wish you much fun with the map.


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