FS19 - ATC Container Pack V3.2

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Hello everybody,
This version of the pack includes the following features:

V1.0.0.3, initial version
V1.0.1.0, fixed log error
V1.0.1.1, maintenance update
V1.1.0.0, 40' ColliFix, new Skins
V1.2.0.0, disChargeNode fixed
V2.0.0.0, added 30', 45' and gas Tanks
V2.0.0.1, HotFix removed TensionBeltObject
V2.1.0.0, new Skins, new shop category
V3.0.0.0, reworked fillable, new TankContainer, moddesc 43
V3.1.0.0, new Skins, added store categories by GC
V3.1.0.1, updated store pics
V3.2.0.0, Display Fill volume as paletts

Attention for all users of earlier versions:
The paths to the containers have changed. Say with this version, your already purchased containers would be lost.

Here is a little guide on how to prevent it

Download new version
Copy to the modfolder and overwrite old version
In the savegame folder search the file vehicles.xml and open it with an editor (notepad or similar)
With the command find / replace the paths can be exchanged easily
Search for: vehicles / ISO_Container /
replace with: objects / ISO_Container /
Replace everything
save vehicles.xml
start Game


Credits:concept, Alfredix
modelling, Alfredix
testing, Alfredix, Sprinter, meerstonk, opa Andre, ralfroehn, Legolas2905, Agarwen
soundfix, CapoUwe
PCS Skin, Sprinter
Hof Hirschfeld Skin, Agarwen
gas Tanks, www.ego
hyundai Skin: TschiZack Gaming
scripts, LS-Modcompany (GlobalCompany)

Today Downloads: 1

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