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The ALL-IN-ONE trading zone is a point of sale for all solid and liquid materials as well as for wood products of all kinds. In combination with the ALL-IN-ONE silo system, it supplements your centralized storage with an additional comprehensive sales zone with a high purchase price for standard products as well for Maize plus and Realistic Seeder varieties (the latter two each need the corresponding mod).

The trading zone is visually divided into three sales stations. Due to the customer-friendliness required by the company CJSysteme, everything is accepted at every station with the exception of round wood. From grain and single grain through all bales to animal products and wood chips as well as fertilizers and pesticides, etc. you can sell your products easily and efficiently in a centralized manner. Since round wood is subject to special handling, you can also sell this forest product via the additional Forest sales point, or expand the trading zone by adding it as required.

The ALL-IN-ONE trading zone package contains:
-1 Placeable sales station for all solids and liquids
-1 Placeable sales station for logs

The ALL-IN-ONE trading zone - Just live.

The extended fruit varieties of the GlobalCompany are generally not supported in the official ALL-IN-ONE trading zone.

Credits:Chris - CJFarming

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