FS19 - 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 V2

Farming Simulator 19 Mods

Version 2.0:
-Custom Sounds
-Wheel Configurations (LTZ Reps on Mud Grapplers, Hostile on Toyos w/ wheel lights, Arkon Lincolns on Mud Grapplers w/ wheel lights , 1998 Silverado Stocks on Mud Grapplers, 2500 Offroad on All Terrains, Specialty Forged on Swampers, LTZ Reps on Tractor Tires, and GMC Sierra Reps on Mud Grapplers)
-In Bed Configurations (Toolbox, Dog Box, or American Flag)
-Window Decal Configurations (Hand, Purge Mask, Drake Waterfowl, or Ducks Unlimited)
-Front Bumper Configurations (Stock bumper w/ Lightbar or Aftermarket Ranch Hand)
-Rear Bumper Configurations (Stock bumper or 2015 Chevy 1500 Conversion)
-Full Interior w/ working Lights, gauges and animations work (W/ Camo Steering Wheel Cover, Aftermarket Head Unit, and purple dash lights)
-WIP Antenna Configurations (No Antenna or Fully Animated WIP Antenna w/ CB
-Grill Light Configurations (Purple, Red Green, Light Blue, White, Yellow or Dark Blue)
-Drop Hitch w/ trailer wire connector
-Solid Axle Swapped w/ Color changeable parts
-7 Inches of Lift
-35% Window Tint all Around
-Custom Dual Exhaust
-Full UDIM
-Tons of Body Colors
-Working Static Lights
-Working Real Lights
-Working Collisions
-Working Tailgate
-Working Dog Box doors
-Fully Animated American Flag

Credits:Rocky Mountain Modding

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