ETS2 - Xenon Far Mod Pack V4.0 (1.39.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

Activate colors one by one!
Working in 1.39.x and all trucks

It contains the following colors:
*Blue Xenon Far
*Green Xenon Far
*Red Xenon Far
*Turquoise Xenon Far
*Yellow Xenon Far
*Orange Xenon Far
*Violet Xenon Far
*Pink Xenon Far

Version 4.0 Changelog:
Updated 1.39.x.
Added Violet color.
Added Pink color.
“ATS Trucks v5.0 for ETS 2” mod compatibility. ( ATS Trucks v5.0 for ETS 2 Mod )

Version 3.0:
Added Yellow color.
Added Orange color.
Updated 1.31.x version.

Version 2.0:
ATS Trucks v3.0 compatibility.
Added Turquoise color (LEGENDARY COLOR).
Updated 1.31.x version..


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