ETS2 - Used Trucks Dealer V1.5.3 (1.40.x)

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Have you ever wanted to have second hand trucks in your game? Well then, this mod is for you!

Main features present since version 1.5.3:
Every truck brand/model from the main game as an used truck;
Each truck comes with different kilometers, accessories, part's wear, engine condition and price;
Some trucks's paints are washed out, have scratches/dust/rust and some belonged to old companies;
Used trucks have their own dealership in Frankfurt.

Detailed aspects of some truck features:
Trucks prices range between 43%-55% (vs their new version) depending on their kilometers;
More kilometers means cheaper price, but truck parts come with more wear;
As a downside, you cannot change used trucks' cabin, chassis, engine, interior and transmission, but you can paint it and add/remove accessories.

Engine condition features:
Engine condition can be found in engine's name;
Engines with high kilometerage will have permanent "fatigue" and won't be able to reach their peak horsepower (up to 20%);
Each engine is unique and has a custom torque curve;
Trucks with broken engines will have (!) in the start of their name and will be shown in their description;
If an engine is broken, you will have a few options for used/new engines.

Trucks dealership:
You can drive to the truck dealer in Frankfurt (still with Iveco flags) and buy used trucks there (also from the map);
Used trucks tab in the mod dealer where you can buy all the trucks there.

I highly recommend using this mod along a hard economy mod (I might include one in the future, although not sure if people would be interested in such inclusion) as the prices/balances were made with such economy in mind.

This mod is still being worked on and I intend to keep updating it as it's needed, I'm open to what people have to say to add new ideas (if possible by my limited modding capabilities) or to change current ones. So feel free to leave a comment or create a discussion topic about the mod and, hopefully, new/better mod ideas come along and we all can enjoy it.

None. Mod works on vanilla game with no DLC's and also works with DLC's. It should also work with any mods, even if they change the main trucks, as my mod uses independent truck files. You can place it on bottom in your load order.


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