ETS2 - Trailer Company Paint Job for TruckersMP V1.0 (1.40.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

This modification allows you to paint the game companies on your own trailer.
Buy, modify in single player, repair in Truckers MP.
Full support for DLC trailers and continents. Fully compatible with other mods.

The modification works correctly only with standard trailers, not with a purchase, in order to get them, modifications are necessary:
BC- [T] Old-Trailer in ownership
BC- [T] Krone in ownership
BC- [T] Schwarzmuller in ownership

If you find an error while using the modification, please contact me so that I can fix it.
Remember to follow Truckers MP's rules to avoid getting banned.

Feature list:
Installation of all painting company

-In order to install the paintjob, you need to go to the accessories section and select the hook slot.

Supported DLCs:
Krone trailer Pack
Schwarzmuller trailer Pack
Going east
Road to the Black Sea
Beyond the Baltic Sea
Vive la France

Sequence of use (Do everything in a single game):
1. Press the "Subscribe" button;
1.1 Subscribe to modifications of the standard trailers you need
2. Go into the game and connect the mods in the profile (Mod Manager);
3. Go to the "Purchase of trailers" section;
4. Choose the required trailer;
5.Go into accessories slot hook;
5.1 customize for yourself
6. You pay;
6.1 Go to Truckers MP.


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