ETS2 - Temsa Safir Plus 2018 Bus V2.5 (1.39.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

Temsa Safir Plus 2018 Innovation!

Warning: You can set the lights on the keyboard to turn on the Inner Ceiling Warning Light.

What’s Added?
Animation Handbrake and phosphors added.
Interior Cockpit Light Renewed.
Led sign post is being added.
Black and Blue Temsa Logo accessories have been added.
Added Inside Luggage Case.
Luggage and Door Slot has been added.
Headlight Glass Brightness Renewed.
Lightmask has been resolved.
Passengers Added.
Skin and Cover were added.
Its interior ceiling is added.
New alcao Renewed
Cockpit Ao and Plastic wrap added.
Reworked sounds to Fmod feature.
Added Normals Cover for headlights and seats.
Tachograph and Clock Really Added.
The windscreen wipers have resolved.
External Display reflection added.
Valve Sound Added.
Road computer solved.
Driving Pleasure Increased With New Physics.
Slot Feature to Pieces
Horn and Air Horn Really Added.
American Park Added.

SCS Turkish Team.

Credits:Model: Can SKMN
Drawing and Editing a New Model: Comodore (alperen39)
Arrangement and Parts: Can SKMN and Burak Yılmaz
Skin Logo And Package: Furkan Şahin
Fmod Voice: Comodore (alperen39)
Alcao Arrangement: Comodore (alperen39)
ETS2 Convert: Comodore (alperen39)

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