ETS2 - Signs on Your Trailer V0.8.6.01 (1.39.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

Changelog ver: ---> ver:
Dotted light removed at sign location
Correction sii file
Correction text file

Changelog ver: 0.8.5. 5 ---> ver:
Added "sui" files to the "addon hookups" section.
Fire extinguishers have been added to new trailers.
Signs on new trailers have been added.
Fixing minor errors.

Changelog v0.8.5. 0 ---> v0.8.5.5:
Fixed "Normal maps" problem.
Simplified Chinese translation added.
Fixing minor errors.

Changelog v0.8.1. 01 ---> v0.8.5.0:
Rendered and packed with the new Blender 2. 81, Blender Tools 2. 0 and Conversion Tools 2.10
Added trailer signs "Signs 1, signs 2, signs 3 and signs on the sides of the upper trailer" "Signs 1.
Minor change of parameter in the 3d "Diffuse, Specular, Shiness, Add Environment, Env Factor, Fresnel etc" models.
Correction sii file
Correction text file

You must have DLC.
DLC - Installed Krone Trailer Pack!
DLC - Installed the Schwarzmuller Trailer Pack!


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