ETS2 - SCS Rigid Trailers V1.6.1 (1.38.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

Version 1.6.1 Changelog:
Compactibile with v1.38 (ETS2)

Version 1.6:
Compactibile with 1.37
Schwarzmuller Curtain dolly
Schwarzmuller Reefer dolly
Schwarzmuller Slidepost dolly
SCS Box 1ax dolly for 1ax trailer
SCS Flatbed 1ax dolly for 1ax trailer
SCS Log 1ax dolly for 1ax trailer
SCS Gooseneck 1ax dolly for 2ax small trailer
SCS Gooseneck 1ax dolly for 3ax small trailer
Tandem def fix ( now you can buy it and drive in every country )

Version 1.5:
Compactibile with 1.36
Lowbed cargo fix
SCS Log C double
SCS Log D double
SCS Log single 1ax ( non rigids )
KRONE dolly /model
KRONE Boxliner dolly
KRONE Coolliner dolly
KRONE Dryliner dolly
KRONE ProfilinerHR dolly
KRONE Profiliner tandem
KRONE Profiliner dolly
KRONE Profiliner C double

For this mod you need to have ETS2 v1.35 / v1.36 / v1.37/ v1.38
This mod make rigid trailers from SCS models

Credits:Teklic, SCS

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