ETS2 - Russian Open Spaces V10.0 (1.40.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

Update 10.0:
- adapted for a new version of the game.
- Replaced many models of trailers and trucks on new ones.
- Fixed climate in winter territories.
- Fixed the resulting errors of the previous version.

Cities and towns in Russia:
Alakurtti, Arzamas 16, Arkhangelsk, Great, Upper Nude, Vologda, Vorkuta, Vuktyl, Vuktul, Gubkinsky, Izhma, Inta, Kargopol, Kem, Kineshma, Kirov, Carpets, Kondopoga, Kotala, Kotlas, Red Bogatyr, Labnyangi, Louchs, Love , Mirny, Muravlenko, Murmansk, Nadym, Naryan-Mar, Nizhny Novgorod, New Ladoga, Novomoskovsk, New Urengoy, Lyzharny, Okunev Nose, Onega, Ostt, Plesetsk, Morozova village, Salekhard, Severodvinsk, Segezha, Soviet, Stepanovo, Surgut, Syktyvkar, Tikhvin, Tobolsk, Tosno, Book, Ust-Usa, Ust-Tsilma, Ukhta, Ukholovo, Khanty-Mansiysk, Hargynsky, Holmogora, Khoria-Ver, Cherepovets, Shlisselburg, Yugorsk.

Credits:author: MOROZOV (Pavel) The authors of the models: oq37, kosa6414, klipstoeun8839. Author of loading screens, skins of a new company, skins for trucks and a tow truck, and skins for new trailers :: ♕-SlawkA-♕. Testers: sowa, Olsestar. The mod used models taken from the cards: - RusMap (with permission of the author of the Gricko models). - TSM MAP (version from mario1961, with its permission). - Trailer models were used in the mod: Semi-trailer non-tarp and semi-trailer nefaz tank (with permission of the author of the Koral models). - In the mod used trailer models from Jazzycat, Roadhunter, Satan19990, Syncron3DCreations, Patrick Poulsen, MDModding. - The model of the crane for the tow truck was taken from the mod "Renault Magnum Recovery" Author: Laxi.

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