ETS2 - Rus Map V2.2 Final (1.37 - 1.38)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

Version 2.2 Changelog:
Changes and Extensions:
Moved according to the substrate Saratov, Engels, Volgograd.
Expanded Belarus.

Version 2.1 Changelog:
Full adaptation for the DLC " Beyond the Baltic Sea"
New cities: Tosno, Razmetelevo, Slonim, Volkovysk.
Added new prefabs, models and firms.
Fixed bugs in the previous version.
Many other changes.

ETS2 1.38.x + DLC Going East! + DLC "Скандинавия" + "Beyond the Baltic Sea".

Credits:Author: aldim@tor (Dmitry) The author of new models and their envelope for current versions: Gricko Many thanks to Jazzycat for their help in building the map, updating companies, new models, as well as for helping to build the Republic of Belarus. Many thanks to klipstoeun8839 for his excellent card models. Special thanks to Gricko for help in building the map, correcting all errors and shortcomings, as well as for new objects that make the game atmospheric. Many thanks to Vladzz-G for correcting registration numbers. Many thanks to everyone who participated in the construction of the map.

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