ETS2 - Quick Jobs Tuned Trucks Fixed V4.39 (1.39.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

Changes 4.39 fix (19.01.2020):
In testing, I missed a small bug that I already fixed and updated the link.
People who have already downloaded the mod, please download again and possibly replace the file.

Changes in 4.39 version:
- Volvo trucks improved and adapted for the FH Tuning Pack DLC.
-Fixed UK versions for Volvo trucks now steering wheel always on the right.
-The FH Tuning Pack DLC and the Super Stripes Paint Job Pack DLC are also must have since they were used in version 4.39.

Mod presents tuned trucks in quick orders EU and UK versions.
The mod has been adapted to the latest version of 1.39.x.x.

The following DLCs are required for proper operation:
DLC Super Stripes Paint Job Pack
DLC FH Tuning Pack
DLC UK Paint Job Pack
DLC Actros Tuning Pack
DLC Special Transpor
DLC Daf Tuning Pack
DLC Heavy Cargo Pack
DLC Raven Truck Dessing
DLC Michelin Fan Pack
DLC Dragon Truck Dessing
DLC Pirate Paint Job Pack
DLC Mighty Griffin Tunig Pack
DLC Schwarzmuler Trailer Pack
DLC Halloween Paint Job Pack
DLC Italia
DLC Irish Paint Job Pack
DLC Valentine's Paint Job Pack
DLC Belgian Paint Job Pack
DLC Finnish Paint Job pack
DLC French Paint Job Pack
DLC Norwegian Paint Job Pack
DLC Scottish Paint Job Pack
DLC Vive La Farnce !
DLC Swedish Paint Job Pack
DLC Swiss Paint Job Pack
DLC Polish Paint Job Pack
DLC Christmas Paint Job Pack
DLC Danish Paint Job Pack
DLC Prehistorick Paint Job Pack
DLC National Window Falg
DLC Solvak Paint Job Pack
DLC Wheel Tunig Pack
DLC Cabin Accessories
DLC Fantasy Paint Job Pack
DLC Flip Paint Job Pack
DLC Force of Nature Paint Job Pack
DLC High Power Cargo Pack
DLC Ice Cold Paint Job Pack
DLC Metallic Paint Job Pack
DLC Scandinavia
DLC Viking Legends
DLC Going East !
DLC Rockek League Promo

Credits:JigSaw & Teddy PL

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