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I would like to present to you a mod that for a long time did not see the light of day, because I mainly made it for  own use and did not think to make it available to everyone somewhere because I was afraid and I am still afraid of a serious hate that I copied the mod from someone I changed and shared it as my work .
Therefore, I would like to immediately dispel any doubts of this type and introduce you to the mod which I am the creator while the idea for the mod was taken from the user Pendragon, who created the same mod and was recently released for the version of the game 1.27.
So I decided to do such a continuation of this fashion with the fact that I tuned all the trucks to my liking.
Mod presents tuned trucks in quick orders EU and UK versions.
The mod has been adapted to the latest version of 1.35.x.x.

The following DLCs are required for proper operation:
DLC UK Paint Job Pack
DLC Actros Tuning Pack
DLC Special Transpor
DLC Daf Tuning Pack
DLC Heavy Cargo Pack
DLC Raven Truck Dessing
DLC Michelin Fan Pack
DLC Dragon Truck Dessing
DLC Pirate Paint Job Pack
DLC Mighty Griffin Tunig Pack
DLC Schwarzmuler Trailer Pack
DLC Halloween Paint Job Pack
DLC Italia

Credits:- SCS Software
-JigSaw & Teddy PL.

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