ETS2 - Project Japan Map V0.41 (1.37.x)

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Version 0.41 Changelog:
AI vehicle skin added
Partial reorganization of Japanese corporate add-ons
Super difficult parking add-on added
Bug fixes reported
(Partial support to the next version)
Change the company layout
Other corrections and improvements

Version 0.40:
✔ Update content
✔ New cities have been added.
✔ Newly added to AI vehicles.
✔ Updated license plate.
✔ Add new assets and improve existing ones.
✔ Improvement of Japanese corporate mod.
✔ New accessory pack added.
✔ FMO of police car siren.
✔ Other bug fixes.

Version 0.41
- Super Hard Company updated.
- New Japanese company add-on released.
- New Hotdog man accessoriesreleased.
- New signs and assets.
- Japanese ferry assets.
- Fixed bugs such as assets.

Version 0.3.1:
- Now Project Japan is supporting on Ver1.36
- Add advertising billboard recruited on Twitter.
- Fixed difficult parking spot.
- Add secret.
- Bug fixes.
-DX11 Compatability

Project Japan is a new map from the creator of the Project West map, which is built on a standard 1:19 scale.
It has been under development since June 2017 and is now finally ready for the release stages.
This current version includes 3 north-central Japanese cities of Toyama, Kanazawa and Takayama with cities and settlements between them. The surrounding area of the city is very detailed and hopes to get closer to the Japanese spirit and truck driving options.

This map is standalone, you need a new profile and choose the japan.mbd module.

Required by DLC Going East, France, Scandinavia, Italy & Baltic

1. (optional)
2. projectjapan-137-def
3. projectjapan-137-map
4. projectjapan-137-assets

Credits:stoked_dude, karu0920

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