ETS2 - Penguins Trailer and Cargo Package V5.5 (1.35.X)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

September 7th update

v5.5 contains 550 trailers.
- New trailers.
- Redesigned some old trailers.
- Removed several old trailers.
- Fixed loads.

Types of trailers:

- Fruehauf IceLiner
- Schwarzmueller Fuel-Cistern
- Schwarzmueller Fuel- / Gas-Cistern
- Eurotype Cement Cistern
- Schmitz Container Trailer
- Krone ProfiLiner
- Krone CoolLiner
- Krone Fridge
- Schmitz Universal
- Schmitz Cargobull Koffer
- Food Trailer

Cable connections are still NOT integrated! Anyone who wants to avoid warning messages in gamelog.txt (which does not affect the game in any way) sets “Gameplay” - “Cable semi-trailer” to “NO” in the settings.


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