ETS2 - Northern Ireland Rebuilding V0.4

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Changelog v0.4
New ferry access: Port Warrenpont
New extended road from Newi to Warrenpont
Rebuilt Wexford, Ireland
New City: Enniscorte, Ireland.
The Haban Rossleer + its ferry port, the Republic of Ireland, rebuilt.
The existing roads N11 and N25 from Enniscorte to Wexford, Ireland were reconstructed.
A new section of the N25 road from WEXFORD to the west.

Map addon for Promods – rebuilds Northern Ireland.

The port of Larn was converted
New high -speed A8 highway from Larn to Newtonbby
New place: industrial zone Mallask
New road A6 Dan A57 + Ring Tempatatrik’s Ring Sattle
New large interchange m2 / a57 near a ballmembrane
Reconstructed M5 Road and A2 road from Belfast to Larn
New Place/City: Carrickfergus


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