ETS2 - Military Oversized Cargo for DLC Beyond The Baltic Sea V9.0 (1.39.x)

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Mod Military oversized cargo v9.0 for the DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea.

Two routes with military cargo on the territory of Russia are in vogue:
1. Sosnovy Bor - Island.
2. Meadows - Vyborg.
DLC "Beyond the Baltic Sea" does not work with mods that change territory.
Inside the archive is:
Mod for disabling the APC escort.
Who does not want to see escort armored personnel carriers on the default route in Russia.
Version 9.0:
Adapted for the new version of the game.

The mod uses military models from the mod: "Pak trailers with military equipment"
Requires: "DLC OVERSIZE" (Special Transport)! "DLC" Beyond the Baltic Sea "


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