ETS2 - MHAPro Map (1.37.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods


1. Fixed some new 6 truck textures around the map
2. Change south part of Wien (A)
3. New huge cross on south part of Wien (A)
4. Fixed textures near Troyes (F)
5. New city Ovre Ardal (N)
    - company roadwork MHAPro    
    - company MHA service
    - company MHA transport
    - company Edeka
    - comapny NsOil
    - company hydro_alum
6. New company in the map MOD
    - company hydro_alum
7. New road from city Ovre Ardal(N) to West nbr 53
8. Fixed textures around Veszprem (H) to highway to Slovenia
9. New look Reims (F)
    - fixed all connections
10. New road near Reims (F)
11. Highway A5 connected on A4 in France
12. Fixed Cat Bulldozer model
13. Reims (F)
    - manual overlook
    - new company MHA service
14. New signs for road from Reims (F) to highway connection
15. Made new look -not to run my previous work
16. New location for company Leclerce - Reims (F)
17. Metz (F)
    - manual overlook
    - new company maxilla
18. Made new look -not to run my previous work
19. New signs for road from Metz (F) to highway connection
20. Fixed small mistakes around Metz (F)
21. Strasbourg (F)
    - manual overlook
    - normal cross replaced with roundabout - 2x
22. Made new look -not to run my previous work
23. New signs for road from Strasbourg (F) to highway connection
24. Overlook and changed road from Strasbourg (F) to Manheim (D)
25. Bordeaux (F)
    - company nucleon
    - new roads around Bordeaux (F)
26. Fixed some small road problems around Austrija
27. New road connection from Bordeaux (F)
28. New look on road from Boreaux (F) connection to Limoges (F)
29. New small city Roumazueres (F)
    - company food_service
    - company dans_jardin
30. New road from Roumazueres (F) to south to company dans_jardin
31. Totally new road from Roumazueres (F) to south
32. New connection road from Roumazueres (F) to highway A89
33. Totally new cross on highway
34. New signs for road from Roumazueres (F) to highway connection


Credits:MsHeavyAlex, Aneya
Models from Bluetruck,satan19990,Jazzycat
Prefab Shopping center from 50keda
Rick's pictures for Billboards in UK
Mini Map-Extension DK18/A18 (old mod) by Sebastian (Updated on last version ETS2)
Nishant with many Prefabs and models
Blinkt (hotel skins)

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