ETS2 - Mbl Volvo Addon Pack V1.2.1 (1.35.X)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

Changes v1.2.1:
- Updated for version 1.35.

This mod is specially made for the reworked Volvo from Eugene.
The templates for all addons are in the file. The skinsystem is like on the NextGen Scania(with settings.sui and dds files for each parts).

For the best result you should use:
50k addons - (required to put Loli-lights under the mirror)
Hella Double Burners by abasstreppas
Hella Auxiliary Light Pack by abasstreppas

Credits:Eugene, MBL-Truckstyling

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2024-05-08 12:45:39

good mods

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