ETS2 - Mappe RoExtended Project V2.2 + All Extras (1.36.X)

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This is a complete map of Romania with many Romanian cities, all major cities in each county. All cities are fully operational with companies and garages to start the game.
All cities are brand new, no copy / paste was used (what's the point?). Some are large, others are not.

All 4 DLCs of the maps are needed: East, Scandinavia, France and Italy.

* Optional Baltic DLC

Changes in v2.2:
- 8 new cities: Chernobyl, Korosten, Kovel, Lutsk, Novograd-Volynsky, Exactly, Sarny, Shepetovka
- 3 new connections with Belarus and 2 with Poland
- Many non-standard loading / unloading points
- Chernobyl NPP remains the scenario
- Closed forest roads
- Double adaptation, for [1.35] and [1.36] with DX11] in two separate versions
- More than 4000 files modified for 1.36.x

Mandatory requirements:
- DLC map required: Bella Italia, Vive la France, Going East, Scandinavia.
- Optional Baltic DLC - the map works with or without it -
Game version: 1.36.xx -
Codes 2.42 for the Promods version

almost all maps except MhaPro (broken road link), Eastern Express or Project Balkan.
Respect the loading order from the video on the SUPPORT page
first loading can be long, after which it loads in a few seconds

BONUS: Map YKS Turkey resized to 1:19

Credits:-Todor Alin for materials and support
- Etrusan 3D for its new cartographic assets
-Jazzycat for car models
Romanian -SlavikSD to update some files (error removal)
-FLD for cartographic materials
-Rusmap for adboard files.
- Elyxir for its materials from the old map of Romania
-Satan 19990 for some of the materials
-Bluetruck for its blue materials
-Stefan 1994

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