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The GOLD 2.6.5 update for game version 1.48.5 brings us an incredible rework of the part of Slavkov near Brno and the nearby village of Velešovice.
Individual parts of Slavkov near Brno will gradually undergo renovations, but the main part, the stretch through Slavkov along the E50 road, has already received a completely new coat.

Unlike the partial rework of Slavkov, the village of Velešovice received a complete rework. And literally. In its new coat, we can hardly recognize the previous appearance of the village. Everything here has been redone and there is a reason for it. Thanks to its location, Velešovice acts as an “entrance gate” to the aforementioned D1 connection, and this requires appropriate quality.

GOLD 2.6.5 – 1.48.5
Checks at the gatekeepers of logistics centers

Slavkov near Brno (Part 1)

UPDATED TO ETS 2 – 1.48.5

MajooouMap contains 320 km of real Moravian roads, both along the highway and through cities, villages, and even mountains. If you want to take a break from running errands, you can also visit the castle, dams, or other interesting locations.


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