ETS2 - Lancia Esagamma (1.40.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

We have 3 types of chassis: 4×2 and 6×4 tractor and 8×4 tandem.
The vehicle is equipped with 5 187_207_209_228_237hp engines.
Transmissions 3 4_speed options, 3 8_sped options, 3 auto options
Once you have downloaded the zip file unzip it, inside you will find the Lancia Esagamma mod, trailer BDF launches E6 and all templates

Credits:antonio62, Ravoledo, PikPikker, ArTrailfanRaf214, Goose1970 technical support: Ravoledo photographic material and diagrams: DieCola, Zio Elli, VickVia, Lupine Tigre sound: ArTrailfanRaf214, PikPikker engines two-tone horn sound: Goose1970 Engines and transmissions: PikPikker Gearbox_layout: PikPikker 3D Trilex: Josvanni.

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