ETS2 - Krone Puzzle Custom for TruckersMP V1.0 (1.40.x)

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Welcome to the "Truck / Trailer Puzzle Customs" [TPC] project from Belka Customs)))
If you don't really understand the essence of tuning, I do not advise using my modifications ..
This mod expands the trailer tuning options by adding new trailer parts from the Krone DLC for all game trailers in the workshop, allowing you to install a rear bumper or pallet with Krone DLC on a standard trailer.
The modification is independent, except for the necessary modification "BC- [TPC] Part_no_limit". Full support for DLC trailers ..
You need to buy and modify in a single player game, you can repair in Truckers MP.
There is nothing difficult to use, the main thing is to correctly position the modifications so that "BC- [TPC] Part_no_limit" is always in priority above the rest of the modifications. It is set by a simple selection of a part, in order to completely delete a part, you must first select the Delete Part, then click Delete ..
If you find an error while using the modification, please contact me so that I can fix it.
Remember to follow Truckers MP's rules to avoid getting banned.

Feature list:
-Front wall from DLC Krone for all trailers;
-Outline lights from Krone DLC for all trailers;
-Accessories in front of axles from DLC Krone for all trailers;
-Accessories behind axles from DLC Krone for all trailers;
-Accessories behind the trailer from DLC Krone for all trailers;
-Rear bumper from DLC Krone for all trailers;
-Back banner from DLC Krone for all trailers;
-Rear mudguard from DLC Krone for all trailers;
-Works in Truckers MP!

Supported DLCs:
Schwarzmuller trailer Pack

Supported modifications:
BC- [TPC] Part_no_limit
BC- [TPC] Truck_Puzzle_Custom
BC- [TPC] Custom Tuning Pack
BC- [TPC] Trailer_Puzzle_Custom
BC- [TPC] Schwarzmuller_Puzzle_Custom

Sequence of use (Do everything in a single game):
1. Press the "Subscribe" button;
2. Subscribe to the second modification "BC- [TPC] Part_no_limit", it won't work without it !!!!!
3. Go into the game and connect the mods in the profile (Mod Manager);
3.1. We always put the "BC- [TPC] Part_no_limit" modification priority above the others !!!
4. Go to "Servis";
5. Assemble the trailer;
6. You pay;
7.1 Go to Truckers MP.


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